Purchasing a Property in Lanzarote

The island is a highly attractive option for purchasers and investors alike, which is highlighted by an ever increasing demand for purchasing property in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote has many qualities, such as the subtropical climate affording 12 month sunshine, excellent quality of life, outdoor lifestyle, short flight time from major European airports, and most importantly planning restrictions and the enforced policy of sustainable development on the island. This protects the island from over development, construction of high rise apartments and makes sure the island continues to thrive within its unique beauty.

As a result increasing numbers of people are looking to purchase/invest in property on the island. In addition to the capital growth, many owners rent out properties and achieve a substantially higher return on investment.

This leads to the question….. “So where should I purchase my property in Lanzarote…?”

Although the island is small it varies greatly and choosing the correct location for your property is so important. Therefore, we have given you a brief overview of the island to assist you in your search. In property terms the island can really be broken into: North, Central and South.

North Lanzarote
The North of the island is widely regarded as the most traditional region of Lanzarote, starting from Tahiche and stretching to Orzola. The north is much less populated than the rest of the island and there is little tourist development here. There are lovely villages, such as Punta Mujeres and stunning beaches, such as Arieta, to enjoy.


Orzola, in the North of Lanzarote

The picturesque village of Haria is also located here, some 250 metres above sea level, located on the floor of the Valley of 1000 Palms. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Central Lanzarote
The centre of the island includes many different towns and villages from the north west coast of Famara, down to Teguise the old capital of Lanzarote, then all the way down to most popular resort on the island Puerto del Carmen.
Famara is the island´s main surfing destination. With beautiful beaches and stunning views it is becoming increasing popular.
The former capital of the island, Teguise, is a historic town and is beautiful location. Well known for its Sunday market the area is set in a lovely rural area. If you are looking for a traditional finca style property then look no further.

Puerto del Carmen is the largest and most recognised resort on the island. It is the most popular resort as it offers so much for residents and tourists alike. From the Playa Grande beach to all the restaurants, bars, shops and tourist attractions there is an ever increasing demand to purchase property here.
There are several locations around Puerto del Carmen, such as Tias, La Asomada, Macher and Conil. These are fantastic locations for someone who is looking more traditional Canarian properties and away from the tourist areas.

Then there is Puerto Calero, which based around its Marina is the home to exclusive properties for high net worth buyers. Some amazing properties have been built here but they are priced exclusively as well.

South Lanzarote
To the South of the island lays much of Lanzarote´s famous volcanic region, and affords a slightly different climate, in that the heat feels dryer and hotter than the North.
Playa Blanca is the most popular resort in this part of the island. The resort offers an increasing level new developments from apartments, bungalows and villas. Again this is a popular tourist location.

Playa Blanca

Papagayo Beach, Playa Blanca

There are three small villages in quite close proximity to Playa Blanca – Yaiza, Uga Femes and Las Brenas. Each offers their own unique charm, and offer traditional Canarian properties with an authentic village lifestyle.

Any questions that you may have you about where you think you would like to purchase your property in Lanzarote, we would be happy to discuss these further with you in more detail.

We will answer any concerns you might have and hopefully help you to decide on the right location.